Pack your bags... and get ready for a BoxTrip!

Dash your way in this challenging cube runner!

Key features:

- REACH NEW ZONES WITH UNIQUE CHALLENGES! You will have to learn how to deal with specific deadly obstacles and traps in each area.
- SLIDE AND DASH! Intuitive controls easy to learn but hard to master. Press to slide your cube or double-tap to make a quick side dash that will save you in the most dangerous situations.
- POWER-UP! Shield, magnet, hover, multiplier, slow-mo and super-jump. Get the power-ups that will help you to survive longer and to collect a lot of gems in a single run.
- COLLECT EVERY CUBE! Earn new fancy cubes and choose which one will be the runner among a wacky box collection.
- UPGRADE your power-ups to make them stronger and unlock special perks. Discover powerful synergies among the power-ups as you level them up!

Coming soon!

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