Posted by on 24 enero, 2017

Eris, ready to go surfing the sands of Yldoon (Dissident: Survival Runner)

Eris, ready to go surfing the sands of Yldoon.

Countdown begins for Dissident

Hi everyone! Almost after a year of intensive work and learning, the Agaporni Games team is ready for the final run until the release of our first game: Dissident: Survival Runner (which you can already try out in Beta mode!). It’s been a development stage full of experiences at all levels and, well, since the moment for our work to see the daylight is finally approaching, we decided to open this blog to share everything we learnt with you, and thus tell you in real time what it means for a young studio like Agaporni Games to release their first game.

We’re glad to invite you to join Eris, our dissident, and the rest of the Agaporni Games team in the end of the beginning of our adventure.

Professor of the Faculty of Communication at the University of Seville.

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